Demystifying Merit Based Green Card - EB1 A

Update 5/8/24: May cohort enrollment is now closed.

Looking to learn more about EB1A? Look no further.. Introducing EB1-A course for tech professionals with non-research backgrounds - Product Managers, Engineers, Scientists, etc.

Finally, a course that breaks down the confusing process of understanding EB1A into manageable, easy-to-digest pieces. We understand the process of getting a green card in the US can be a bit overwhelming and feel like navigating through a maze. This course covers all the important topics and answers to all your burning questions on the EB1A green card, from start to finish. It's like having a roadmap!

This course is for you if,

  • You’re looking for freedom while your stay in the US
  • You want to be an entrepreneur, but, your visa status doesn’t allow that
  • You want to be able to freely go home without being bothered by stamping
  • You want to take a career break
  • You want to try riskier career bets
  • You don’t want to be tied to your employer

Some common facts about EB1-A,

  • You don't need a PhD
  • You don't need lots of published papers in reputed journals and approved patents
  • You don't need to have a research background

If you’re looking to learn about an accelerated path towards a US green card, and you are ready to put in the time and effort. Keep reading. No prior knowledge of EB1-A or US green card process is required to enroll in this course.

What You'll Get

When you enroll you get access to 3 things, all inclusive of the one-time signup fee: the live cohort course, access to community, 1:1 consultation session, and any future guest sessions.

  • Introduction to EB1-A and understanding of how it works
  • Framework to align your career to the EB1-A criteria - where to focus, where to double-down on
  • Inspiration and learnings from profiles of others who have gone through the process successfully (and despite failure in first attempt)
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Get 1:1 guidance from course host
  • Understanding of where to invest your time and energy for next few months
  • Continued and unlimited support until you get EB1A approved via Discord
  • Bonus EB2-NIW session (another not-very-well known avenue to self-sponsor your green card)

🏛 The Community

You will join a community of like-minded and motivated people at varying stages of their immigration journey to discuss ideas, get feedback, share wins, and help each other. We will be your support network as you venture out in the ambiguous and difficult path to freedom.

You will get access to our private Discord server, and there are no recurring fees - ever. Here's a sneak peek into our community:

📚 The Live Cohort Course

This course is a presentation of learned experience with successfully achieving the EB1A green card and hours of research on EB1-A green card that will help you forge your own path.

We will deep dive into the end-to-end process of going about EB1-A. Based on experience, we will share our understanding of each of the criteria, and the overall assessment needed to get EB1-A approved. We will share our first-hand experience, everything that we’ve learnt - what works, what doesn’t, as we are navigating this incredibly misunderstood space. You will be able to form a strategy and learn tactics to maximize a successful outcome for your case.

We will meet 5 times for 2 weeks over Zoom/Google Meet. No prior knowledge of EB1-A is required. Each cohort will have a limited number of people to ensure quality of interaction and community learning. This will be a very information-dense program.

To reap the full benefit of the cohort, you should plan to work on your resume and document the achievements.

Please note that this course does not, and is not intended to, offer any legal advice. It is meant to educate, raise awareness on EB1-A, and share experience. It does not guarantee a successful adjudication of EB1-A. All information, content, interactions, and materials in this are for general informational purposes only.

📏 1:1 session - you set the agenda

We will provide a self-assessment form for you to fill out. Once you’ve filled the form, we will meet 1:1 to assess your case and provide pointers to build a strategy. You're also welcome to set your own agenda too.

🗓️ Structure

Sessions: 6 sessions total - 5x live Zoom sessions over the course of 2 weeks + 1x 1:1 session with the course host.

Session length: 1 hour + optional office hours/QA after each session.

Content availability: All the material shared in the live session will be available afterwards.

Hosted by: Archie Agrawal

Cohort size: less than 10 people


  • Session #1: EB1-A Background, timelines, and overview
  • Session #2: Deep dive into criteria - Part 1 (performance of a leading/critical role, high salary)
  • Session #3: Deep dive into criteria - Part 2 (judging, awards, original contribution)
  • Session #4: Deep dive into criteria - Part 3 (membership, authorship in scholarly article, published material)
  • Session #5: Deep dive into two-part EB1A analysis, deep dive into course host profiles. Building your profile, submitting your application, evaluating lawyers, understanding the role of luck, and various possible outcomes + bonus EB2-NIW session
  • Session #6: 1:1 with Archie (at your own schedule)

🤙 Introducing Advanced Access - want more support?

If you need personalized support beyond live cohort, discord channels, and one 1:1 session. Perhaps, you have are in an extremely busy job and could use more help. In addition to the basic support, you will receive up to 8 hours of personalized assistance in:

  • Strategy brainstorming
  • Personal milestones and regular check-in
  • Lawyer selection
  • Reviewing written content drafts - letters, emails
  • Personal support/ad hoc q/a (beyond community Discord)

Apply now for advanced support

Learn more about the difference between advanced and basic support here.

👾 Ad-hoc consulting (NOID/RFE support)

If you're further along and have received an NOID/RFE, apply here.

👷 About The Host

hey! I'm Archie - product manager at Amazon, previously held product and engineering role at Microsoft and Bank of America. I self- petitioned my EB1-A in 2021 and got it approved within 14 days via premium processing. Since then, I have helped folks from across the tech industry get their EB1A. In this course, I intend to share my experience on EB1-A. I created this course because there is a general lack of awareness on EB1-A and there are not many examples out there who have shared their in-depth experience regarding EB1-A. So, to scale myself better, I put multiple hours into preparing this course, distilling learnings and hopefully making this less intimidating. Learn more about my journey here:


Refund policy:

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just email before the third group session of the course, and you'll get a full refund (minus ~3% Stripe fees). No questions asked. If you'd like to avoid the Stripe fee, please use the ACH tab on the payments screen.



1. How much does EB1-A cost?
Here is a typical breakdown of costs,
USCIS fee: i-140 fee - $700 + optional $2500 (premium processing)
Legal service: EB1-A legal service would typically cost $7k - $10k for i-140 preparation. This is your core EB1-A application.

2. I'm not sure if I'm the right fit. Can you help me evaluate before I join the course?
We seed enough information in the first two sessions for you to be able to self-evaluate. If you believe that this is not the right path for you, just email before the third session and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

3. What if I can't attend all the sessions and need to miss some?
We understand that timing may not work out for a certain session. You're welcome to join upcoming cohorts for a refresher/in case you've missed sessions in the past (at no additional cost to you). Unfortunately, we do not record sessions for the course.

4. What support will you provide if my EB1-A case is not approved in first attempt?
In case you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you can still continue to ask questions in Discord channel, join a future cohort, if available, free of charge.

5. If EB1-A was that attainable, why so many smart people I know don't have an approved EB1-A green-card?
There's no doubt that EB1-A has a high bar. However, most people who meet that bar do not realize it. Additionally, we believe that there is a lack of awareness and incorrect assumptions prevent people from exploring this option. You'll have your fair share of doubts in your our own journey. As you follow this trail, potential rewards will likely outweigh the investment, and this will seem like a shot worth taking!

6. I have an approved EB-2 i-140 from my employer, will filling EB1-A impact my case?
Your EB1-A application outcome has no bearing on your EB-2 immigration application. In fact, if you have a priority date from EB2, you can port it to your EB1-A application.

7. I still have questions. How can I talk to you?
I recognize that you may still have questions. I'd love to answer them and hope to provide you with the clarity you need. Here's the Calendly link: (you drive the agenda - make sure to include it in the invite).

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May '24

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May 18, Sat 5pm PT

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July '24

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  • Reviewing letters 
  • Personal support/ad hoc q/a (beyond community Discord)

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